How it works

This fund is managed by the school district along with several other scholarships for Red Jacket graduates. This relationship with the school district allows us to benefit from their non-profit status, without the expense and paperwork of incorporating as a 501(c)(3) ourselves.

How donations work

  • Anyone can make a tax-deductible contribution at any time by writing a check to the Manchester-Shortsville Central School District, with "Schaertl Fund" in the memo area.
  • Corporate matching funds are also accepted. Check with your employer for specific requirements. If your employer uses Benevity, you can donate online with automatic matching.

How disbursements work

  • Students take AP exams in the spring and pay for each exam.
  • George and Sal's son Mike, a teacher at Red Jacket, finds out how many students earned a score of 3, 4 or 5 on an AP exam, and total amount the students paid out of pocket for the exams. 
  • Mike advises the school to disburse money from the Schaertl Fund to cover the students' expenses. 
  • The school sends a reimbursement check to each qualified student, along with a letter of congratulations:
"Several years ago, George and Sally Schaertl, the custodians of the Schaertl Scholarship Fund, decided to reimburse all students who score a 3 or above in any Advanced Placement Math or Science course. Their decision to annually fund all of the Advanced Placement Math and Science tests comes from their firm belief that all students should take as much math and science as possible while in high school.

"Additionally, their granddaughter, Casey, who was able to go to RIT on scholarship through the generosity of the Volpe Family, is now employed by Microsoft. With a matching donation from Microsoft, Casey is able to contribute enough so that all grades of 3, 4, or 5 on AP tests, not just math and science, are fully reimbursed.

"Congratulations on your performance on the AP exams this year. Continue to work hard."

Why donations must be payable to the school

You are making a donation to the school district,which then reimburses students for the amount they paid for their exams. In order for your donation to go to our fund, you MUST designate the Schaertl Fund as the recipient of your donation. See how to donate.